Last year while coming home from work, I saw my brother outside his workplace. I stopped in to chat with him. He asked me if I would be watching the start of the hockey season that evening. I asked him which teams would be playing. He told me that most of the teams were set to play that evening.

I came home from a hard day at work, and just wanted to relax and watch Hockey. As I turned on the TV, a reporter said "THE HOCKEY LOCKOUT, Billionaires against Millionaires". The sportscasters were discussing hockey players' statistics

The average hockey player plays 14 minutes a game.

The average hockey player makes $250,000 per game.

I thought to myself, "Wow, if I made that much money in a coffee break, I would be a millionaire too! Here I am, trying to make an honest living, and these players and owners are demanding more money?" Then I said out loud, "WHAT ABOUT THE FANZ?"

The fanz don't have a say! Aren't we the ones paying for the contracts the players get and the salaries the owners make by purchasing tickets? The fanz, who speaks for them?

The sportscasters were quoting only from online surveys as to what the fanz were saying. I was so upset and mad, that I went on the Internet and started sending e-mails to the sports networks. To this day, however, I have yet to receive a reply from any of them, not even a little note.

I thought to myself, "Maybe there's a website where the fanz can be heard and can express their opinions?" I started looking for a website that would address the fanz' concerns and opinions. I couldn't find one.

I went on to social media sites and tried to initiate a little uprising. Nothing happened.

I thought to myself, "What if I made a website?" I asked my computer teacher where to begin. He told me, "If you have an idea, write it down and what you need to happen on the site." I explained my idea to him. He was correcting some assignments at the time and, to my surprise, he placed them aside and started to make sketches as to what the website could look like, he was that interested in my idea.

When I got home that evening, I immediately began researching how to build my website on the internet and registered my domain name on GoDaddy.com.

My hope is that the fanz' voices will be heard and that their opinions will matter; that the fanz will have a say now, to be able to demand more from their teams, the owners and the players. As well, I hope that the owners and players will begin to get to know their fanz better.

I hope you have fun with this website and get to know players, owners, and other fanz!